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Have you ever been in a situation where you want to write an article or review on a topic you know nothing about, and you don’t know how to start or the right words to use, this is normally common with newbie bloggers.
Sometimes we choose a niche for wrong reasons.
Firstly what is NICHE

“a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.”
or you can simply say a particular type of product you decide to deal on. This blog deals on technology related stuff which we say is our niche.

The kind of niche or particular product you deal on speaks volume of returning sales you get, this could be the reason newbie bloggers dive into niche without thinking because the niche has proven to be very lucrative.
Before choosing a niche there are few things you most consider:

* Am i Good in this niche
* What is the environment like

Choosing a niche can also determine the success of a blogger which when not considered ends up making their blogging career unsuccessful

Reasons why we choose Wrong Niche:

i. Easy to get content
ii. Other niche occupied
iii. Influence/inspired, etc
In our later post I will be adding/explaining the above topic in a very broad way, check back
Back to the main topic “How To Write Good and Lengthy Post On A Niche You Know Little or Nothing About” for you to be able to write content on a topic or niche you know nothing about you must consider the following and put them into practice.
• Make Research: I sometimes want to write a post i know nothing about this is my no1 tool, I happen to be under one of those category I listed above, I choose the particular niche I am because I like it not because I know anything about it, make research on the topic they must be a related topic for you to take a glance and write with your own language words and expression, this happen to be one of the tools most blogger use and it works for them. Read through the related topic take note of anything notable figure out what the writer didn’t include that you think will be informative to your readers, try to explain it in a more broad way, take note of the writer style of writing and try to do better, if possible illustrate with pictures. Who say your can’t make it in the niche you know nothing about? Is all about dedication.

• Proofreading: is not about writing lengthy content but also about writing quality and broadly explained content, I do this on majority of my content I type it into my notepad or Microsoft word make thorough editing before pasting, this has been one of my secrets it helps me read it over and over again digest it as my readers could.

•Copy & Paste: On so many SEO related post/article we often say dont copy but here am saying copy in a smart way, what do i mean by copy in a smart way?
Some blogger seems to copy everything in a blog post even the the title? Why na atleast copy and edit it change the topic headings to a more suitable and eyes catching one, and always try to give credit (this is only adviceable to those on entertainment niche).

• Always Visit Other Writers Blog: I stay on professional and old blogs related to mine or blogs with the same niche the same way I stay on mine reading archive of the blog since inception, i read users comments this enable me write outdated post/topic in a refine way and my readers fine it interesting and great

hope this was helpful? Pls share