mtn nigeria image from techloy

The biggest telecommunications operator in the country, MTN Nigeria has sacked 280 workers as it looks to offer complete Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and digital services, according to a reportquoting sources familiar with the matter.
The report stated the company had informed the workers beforehand of the impending sack, and went on to introduce the Voluntary Severance Scheme (VSS) for voluntary disengagement.
200 workers, mostly those who have worked with the company for more than five years, applied for the VSS, according to the report. The other 80 staff were compulsorily disengaged.
All the affected workers, which represented 15 percent of the company’s total workforce, were given a severance package.
“Those who decided to leave under the VSS were paid the equivalent of their three weeks gross salary for every year they worked with MTN. What it means is that if one worked in MTN for five years, one would be paid three weeks of the person’s gross salary times five,”the source said.
In the coming weeks, MTN Nigeria plans to employ fresh hands to fill the void created by the disengagement, the report stated. The new employees will help the telco achieve its new goals.