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thanks for visiting my Blog 1960tech.com.ng am very glad.
In this page i listout some paid/free servicers i render, i’m a writer, web/blog designer, web developer, SEO expert and won’t fail to mention, online money maker, i have been making some couple of bucksĀ  online since 2015. I can help you setup a blog or design a website for a small token apart from this i can also write quality SEO article for you just like the one’s seen in this blog.

By The Hand money tutorial (BHT)

I share my little money making expirience for free, but you think you want by the hand tutorials? Then i’m up for hire, i can personally handle your blog nurture it to a good monetizable level, then monetize it with steps that carries you along.
As at the time of writing this i hav’nt handled any blog. But with my expirience in managing this blog i’m sure fit for the job, i promise to employ every expirience i have in managing personal blogs to a good growth level to yours too.

Legit traffic tutorials or implementation

Do you need traffic, and you can’t impliment that with the free SEO tutorials shared on this blog for any reason? Am also up for hire!

Being an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) i can also employ few SEO tips and (legit) tricks to make your site rank high in your choosing niche with, Google Keywords planner and
good backlink building.

Blog Management
Do you have a blog? Need good writer or full management?

I can manage your blog content or design a full-flesh blog for you, i can also write good content search engine loves for your blog.
I can also manage the monetization aspect of the blog. My free tutorials on how to set up a blog from scratch with wordpress is also a nice startup place.
Any Services Not Listed Here

Kindly contact me by email upper10@naij.com or 09060645736


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