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Xiaomi mi6 quick preview

Xiaomi Mi 6; Uniqueness

Xiaomi mi 6

Well, this article may be coming in a bit late considering the released date of this device… But, hey! It’s still worth it.

Now first of all what comes to your mind when you hear the name “Xiaomi”..well I’m guessing it’s speed, premium design, responsiveness, power and at the same time “affordability”.
So not long ago we saw the release of Samsung latest device “the S8″ quickly follow up by xiaomi latest flagship series innovation..”The Mi 6” and judging from online reviews from various websites and blogs, the mi 6 received generally positive complements from it’s reviewers.

Another side attraction was it’s massive 6gb ram which most people considered a plus as it’s able to multi task with so much ease and owners of this device are expected to enjoy a “Lag free” experience.
So performance wise, the mi 6 easily outperforms fellow devices,all thanks to the fact that it’s been powered by qualcomm latest entry “the snapdragon 835” also been accompanied by adreno 540(GPU)..
..meaning that if you’re a mobile gamer like me..This device would certainly not disappoint.
And if you are more concerned with speed,the xiaomi mi 6 also ticks the box in that area too.
You can check out YouTube videos to confirm this.. In fact I recently watched a YouTube video about the xiaomi mi 6 vs Samsung s8 vs huawei p10 speed test and of course the xiaomi mi 6 came first, lately follow up by the huawei p10 and then the Samsung s8.
Quite impressive.. Right?

Yeah..So we’ve only been talking about performance and speed lately in this article and most of you by now must be wondering like, “what about the camera na? ”
..well the xiaomi mi 6 sports a dual 12MP camera with video recording capacity of 4K/Full HD@30 fps, which is very impressive if you ask me..
..and if you’re more of a selfie fan, the 8MP can take picture with an 1080p resolution(Full HD) so you’ll definitely enjoy true selfie experience.

Other features include a more convenient “front fingerprint sensor”, 4G LTE, dual SIM
“for those of you that like carrying 2 sim up n down”
..and it’s also running android 7.1.1 out of the box, so you should be looking foward to an android 8 OTA update.
But the downside of this device could be the 3350mAh battery considering if you’re a heavy user but xiaomi included the Quick charge 3.0 to complement that and also there’s no 3.5mm Jack.. So if you’re the type that love using earpiece, all I can say is “Sorry”, although that’s one of the main reasons the Mi 6 is splash resistant
..sorry if I forgot to mention that.

So yeah that’s all for now, you can check the retail price on jumia or aliexpress and the likes.. And pls don’t forget to hit the share button.

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