WordPress is a powerful content manager software use by millions, It supports every kind of website, from a simple blog to a full-featured business website. Twenty-six percent of all websites globally use WordPress. but being an open source software it is vulnerable and open to attacks, though every year new version is always release covering loopholes of previous versions, one cant say it’s save.
There are security majors we take to avoid uncertainty thanks to the availabilty of powerful plugins.

We are bringing 5 Best WordPress Security Plugins We Use in this blog i have been writen about wordress security for long and i also practice it in this blog, right now i will be listing the best free premuim like security plugin for your wordpress site Take Kunu and moimoi and relax as i unveil this powerful plugins.

This is a powerful wordpress security it’s use to create backups, i decided to put it as the first because backup is the first defence step i could advice any blogger using the wordpress platform to do, then vaultpress does that clean and powerful work.

Sucuri: This should have been the first on my list but like stated above backup is the first thing i will advice a blogger on wordpress to do. sucuri is a powerful malware monitoring and cleaning plugin, it enhance wordpress security and block cyber attacks.

Locking Lockdown: Like the name implies locking lockdown prevent brute-force login attacks.
It also detects and locks user’s IP address after so many login attempts.

Wordfence This another popular wordpress security plugin, it also block’s suspected IP and security cleaning.
If you’re just installing it wordfence start by checking your source code server for any malware.

Itheme Security: This plugin is also a powerful wordpress plugin that does alot of security work on your server ranging from Brute-force protection, monitoring core files for changing, deleting any malicious code in your wordpress theme, it official website claims to have 30 wordpress security tips with it plugin.

Stay tune, i will be writing more security tips here on this blog